Psychosynthesis Coach Training
The Will to Grow: Transformational Life Coaching

A Nationally Certified Psychosynthesis Coach
Training Program

Training leads to Certification as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC)

For those qualified, it leads also to a Board Certified Coach (BCC)Accreditation

Psychosynthesis Coach training works with the principles of psychosynthesis, a transpersonal psychology. In psychosynthesis coaching, the coach and client are a team devoted to supporting the client’s movement towards purpose, meaning and values, in large or small ways, in personal and transpersonal arenas, in daily life issues, for executive or business needs, in groups or individually, and in person or by teleconference or Skype. See our Find a Coach page if you are interested in your own coaching, and then look through our listings of coaches to find a good match.

Psychosynthesis Coach training is designed to take people who are already in the helping professions or those moving into the field of coaching and train them in the principles of psychosynthesis and their application in the field of coaching. All areas of coaching will be taught, as well as the mechanics, logistics and financial aspects of coaching in the real world.

The Training Program teaches Psychosynthesis theory, the principles of holistic coaching and the process of psychological and spiritual development. The program provides a multifaceted, in-depth theoretical and practical training as well as intensive personal, professional and spiritual growth for the participant. The syllabus covers the principles of synthesis and evolution, the nature and development of the human psyche, consciousness and will, psychospiritual development, self-actualization and self-realization. Training includes the techniques and methodology of psychological functions, subpersonalities and healing the inner child, guided imagery, expressive work, and more. (For a complete syllabus, click here.)

This training is open to those actively engaged in or studying the helping professions, as well as those engaged in a journey of self-discovery. This is an intense program that leads to certification as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach and the prestigious international Board Certified Coach credential. The program is offered in two levels, via in-person, teleconference or Independent Study.

Graduates of the program are currently applying Psychosynthesis principles to all aspects of coaching & counseling, including private practice and work within organizations. They have also taken Psychosynthesis into educational, medical, and religious fields, business and executive coaching, the arts, conflict mediation, career counseling, bodywork, dance and everyday life.

The Training experience is created when a small committed group of people come together in an atmosphere of personal, professional and spiritual growth. The training program focuses on experiential learning. All theory is grounded and amplified through personal exercises, work with fellow students, inner process and group sharing. It is considered essential that practitioners "practice what they preach" and the goal of optimal well-being and self-realization for each of our clients is one that is sought first by the practitioner. Thus, the training experience focuses on personal and spiritual evolution through our work in the group, and in our own lives.

Training includes ongoing practicum work through practice guiding (coaching) with other students and ongoing one-on-one guiding sessions with a partner throughout the year. As a result, each student has ample opportunity for practice and professional development. Throughout the program, the trainee is encouraged to find his or her own "voice" as a professional. The true Self finds its expression in this work and for each practitioner it is unique. Each year of the program is separate unto itself and depending on the need, students may choose to take one or both levels.

Training Program Components
Helping Skills Training
offers theory, individual and group exercises, and coaching practicum.
Personal and Group Process offers support, community, and interpersonal skill development.
Observation and Supervision allow the opportunity for feedback of practice work and analysis of live coaching sessions.
Peer Coaching with a fellow trainee on a monthly basis solidifies newly acquired counseling skills.
Support Work includes reading in psychosynthesis and related fields, as well as exercises and writing to ground the training.

Core Training Staff
Jon Schottland, BCC, MA, the president of the center is the leadteacher for our in-person training programs. Jon is a psychosynthesis therapist and coach in private practice and works, as a counselor, in a private high school, as well as being a business consultant.
Dorothy Firman, BCC, Ed.D, LMHC, is the founder, director, and core faculty of the program. She also maintains a private coaching practice, is an author, a professor of psychology, and a workshop leader. Didi is a founding member of The Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis.
Robin White, BCC runs a wellness program in Vermont that includes coaching, counseling and group workshops. She is the creator of the phone app "Time for You" a self help app for staying centered and clear.

In-Person Program Logistics
The program will meet at Hallelujah Farm in rural New Hampshire, 5 Min. from Brattleboro, VT. The next Level I, in-person program begins in the Fall of 2017. If you are interested and able to attend in person, contact us for more details and visit the Synthesis Center North East website.

Tuition for each level is $3200. Some work exchange and scholarships are available, both through the Center and through the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis. Monthly payment plans are available and we accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Advanced training options and small group study options are available. The program is taught by Synthesis Center staff, under the direction of Jon Schottland, and has run continuously since 1980.

Dates for the 2017-18 program are: Oct 21-22, Nov. 18-19, Dec. 16-17, Jan winter break 2018, Feb 10-11, March 10-11, April 7-8, May 5-6 & June 2-3

We invite you to set up a one on one conversation with one of our training staff, by phone, skype or in person to consider program options. Contact the program director at:

To apply to this program, send an essay describing your professional work, educational background and how this program would serve you. Include information on your current life situation and a significant event in your life and the meaning it had for you. Also include your address and phone number. We will review your application and call you to arrange an interview. You may e-mail this material to Jon or send it by mail to the Center. Please let us know in your application if you would like to be considered for a discounted fee.