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is a nonprofit educational institution, founded in 1976. We are an organization of people committed to supporting the conscious evolution of individuals and society as a whole, through our teaching and practice of psychosynthesis. We endeavor to provide services of the highest quality in an atmosphere that is intellectually exciting, supportive of personal needs, and spiritually inspiring. Services of the Center include the Board Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach Training, hosted by Synthesis Center San Francisco, our partner in training; coaching and coaching refferals; personal growth and advanced psychosynthesis training workshops; and consulting. The Center's home office is located in Amherst, Massachusetts, where we have been offering our work for forty years. How to contact us.



Please note that the programs below are alive and well, ongoing, in our deepened collaboration with Synthesis Center San Francisco! New programs are beginning in the summer of 2020 and again in the fall! For more information contact our partner Susan Jewkes Allen at



The Path Ahead: Become a Psychosynthesis Life, business, or wellness coach, or embark on a path of "Change Leadership", creating a path to right livelihood, in service of the well-being of individuals, groups, families, businesses and our world.

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Just Released


Edited by Dorothy Firman, Ed.D, BCC with a foreword by Patrick Williams, this book is the first comprehensive book on psychosynthesis life coaching to be be published in the United States. With 30 authors from around the world, and topics covering life, business and wellness coaching, this book offers a deep journey into the work of psychosynthesis life coaching. It will serve all coaches, helping professionals and seekers on the path of life development. To order a copy, ask for it at your local bookstore, or on Amazon, Amazon UK and Barnes and Noble.


Didi Firman, our training program director, also has a blog on the Psychology Today web site. Click here to visit "Living a Life of Purpose; Spirituality in Real Time."


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The Synthesis Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and donations are deductible for U.S. Income Tax purposes. Your donations go towards scholarships for our programs & general operating expenses. We depend on donations for about 20% of our operating budget. We greatly appreciate the support of our friends and community & thanks to all those who donate.

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